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Govin's Barber Salon Services
Color/Organic Color
Giving  quality haircuts at a fair price is the heart of our business.  Men, women, teens and children are all welcome.  From the "Good Old Fashion Haircuts" and flat tops to fashion cuts and children's cuts, we can do it all.  $19
At Govin's Barber Salon, we provide our clients with high quality and friendly service.  Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.  We take pride in our finished products, and we give gratitude to our client loyalty and support over the years.

We provide a variety of services including:
Everyone wants a little color in their life. We have many to choose from: light blonde, warm auburn, chocolate browns and  cool black.
$80 and up:  All colors include:  wash, cuts, blow dry and style

​  Pedicures/Foot Maintenance
Comprehensive foot care for men and women of all ages. Relaxing footsoak, callus removal, foot scrub, nail trim, polish or oil. We offer diabetic foot care also.  $26-$36

We take pride in our safety and sanitation methods to ensure  that your nails looking their best and stay healthy.  Your will get a full, relaxing manicure with every service. $25-$35

Clean, sanitary waxing is what you'll get!  
Brows $10;  Lip $5;  Chin $5; Face (cheeks, lip and chin) $20; Back or chest $45

 Mustache and beard trims
A precision cut every time, let us do it for you.
Free with haircut or $4-$8

 Scalp Massage
Take a break from your busy day and come and relax for a while getting an invigorating scalp massage. $8

 Bleach Bright Teeth Whitening
Safe, effective and guaranteed $99/2 for $150

​ Wigs and Wig Service
​ We provide the area with great quality wigs from Jon Ranau.  Come get a new wig or get service work done on an existing wig.  We are partners with Children With Hair Loss. 
Appointments necessary!
Before and After Pictures by Govin's